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Sentosa Island Information

Sentosa Island is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some two million people a year. A major tourist attraction, which means tranquillity in Malay, hosts a sheltered beach of more than two kilometres in length on its southern coast and many other tourist interests. But there were times in the late 1990s that Sentosa Island was seen as a big flop, an expensive waste of time. After a new management team brought in changes like lowering the fees, opening new, cheaper food outlets, and initiated a massive multi-billion dollar redevelopment of the entire island, has shown drastic change in the region. The map of Sentosa Island is a popular weekend spot and one of the most visited attractions in Singapore. A day's visit could even turn into an overnight stay in any one of the hotels. The island is well linked to downtown Singapore by a causeway and cable car system.

As is the Sentosa Island is sometimes' called Singapore's playground, has something for just about everyone. There's an excellent aquarium, dolphin lagoon, Butterfly Park, musical fountain and many other attractions. One can experience the sea life of The Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. The Images of Singapore Exhibition explores Singapore's history in life-size dioramas. To the furthest western point of the island lies Fort Siloso from which Singapore guarded its territory against invading Japanese forces. Other attractions on the map of Sentosa Island include Volcano Land, the Asian Village and the water rides of Fantasy Island. A distinctive landmark is the Carlsberg Sky Tower, Asia's tallest free-standing observation tower, which affords the best views of Singapore as well as breathtaking vistas across Sentosa and the Southern Islands.

Sentosa Island has a landmark feature - the Merlion "sea lion", which is the very symbol of Singapore itself, lording over the Musical Fountain. The Fountain is a lively display of water that dances to a wide selection of songs from classical to jazz to rock to country. The Merlion is a very tall structure, representing the half-lion and half-fish creature of Singaporean legend. Sentosa island is a must see resort when in Singapore.

Reaching Sentosa Island is possible through a number of ways, but everything costs money. The best way to reach the island from Singapore mainland there is via cable car from Mount Faber and passes through HarbourFront en route. For cars, there is a single toll causeway running from the Singapore mainland. The advantage of using the cable car is the vantage point, of course. Tourists would pass very close to the Singapore Harbour and get a great view of the many docks. The Sentosa Island is internally now served by four bus services, identified as Blue, Yellow, Red and Green lines, and by a tram service called the Beach Train.

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