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Orchard road Singapore can be easily called as the best known avenue in Asia. This road does not have any colourful background like other regions of Chinatown or Little India. The roads as the name makes it obvious is an orchard - or rather several orchards owned by wealthy families with names like Cairnhill, Cuppage, Scotts and so on. The orchards produced mostly nutmeg and pepper - not fruit. Since the area is one of the lower points in Singapore, in the early days it was prone to flooding and the reason why the area wasn't populated and didn't develop as quickly as other areas. But now the picture has changed after a series of development plans and now its most famous area of the country.

Orchard road Singapore has undergone various development phases since the early 1970's and it's now evident when one walks along Orchard Road and comparing architectural styles of the various shopping centres and hotels lining the street. Orchard Road singapore is a road in the country that is the retail and entertainment center of the city-state. The road is regularly frequented by the local population and toursist as it is a major tourist attraction. In the immediate neighborhood of Orchard Road, Orchard Planning Area is one of 55 urban planning areas as specified by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and is a commercial district. And one of the places of interest which often goes unnoticed on Orchard Road is the Istana Negara Singapura or Presidential Palace. The palace is located next to the Meridien Hotel and is open to the public every once and again and if lucky enough when you are there and it is open do make it a point to visit.

Orchard road Singapore is the hub of shopping in a country which is worldwide known for its shopping. Here one can buy whatever ones' heart desires. This region gives competition to all other areas in terms of its sheer volume, quality, and choice. Many of its shopping centers are filled with a variety of products from around the world. Orchard road Singapore has everything from electronic goods, tailor-made suits to women's clothing, and nice souvenirs to back home. Prices are sometimes high when in comparison with other areas. As most malls follow the concept of "everything under one roof", shopping is made much easier with everything concentrated in one area. Orchard Road is lined by pedestrian malls. Orchard Road contains number of upmarket restaurants, coffee shops, cafés, nightclubs and hotels.

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