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Marina Bay in singapore is a bay near the Central Area in the southern part of Singapore, and lies to the east of the Downtown Core. It's an artificial bay, which was formed when land reclamation created the Marina Centre and Marina South areas, forming a body of sheltered waters of what was once open sea. The marina bay Singapore is Singapore's Downtown district, which is located within the heart of the City Centre. The area cosists of the existing Central Business District at Raffles Place and Shenton Way, the hotel and convention hub at Marina Centre, and the new development area around the Bay. The district is palnned to be more than an international business and financial hub. It is envisioned to be a dynamic, 24/7, waterfront 'Garden City by the Bay'. Marina bay Singapore will reflect Singapore's position as a dynamic Asian city. It will be a wonderful place to live, work and play and a place in which to explore, exchange and entertain.

Marina Bay in singapore
is presenting with a picture of a new city for many shared interactions and experiences. It woul dcertainly be a place to explore new living and lifestyle options, to exchange new business ideas and information, and be entertained by rich cultural experiences in fun and beautiful surroundings. Marina bay Singapore would include a continuous line of public attractions along the waterfront. Of which some already exist like Merlion Park, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and the chic food & beverage outlets. Singapore is developing Marina Bay as a seamless extension of the existing Central Business District (CBD).

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