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Little India in singapore is an ethnic neighbourhood that has Indian cultural elements. It is one of the most genuine districts in Singapore. The colorfulness and cheerfulness of Singapore Little India is derived from its being famous as a shopping arcade. Little India lies to east of the Singapore River across from Chinatown, located west of the river and north of Kampong Glam. It is subdivided, into 4 parts- Lower Serangoon Road; Central Serangoon Road; Upper Serangoon Road; and the Arab Quarter. Singapore Little India developed around a former settlement for Indian convicts. The location along the Serangoon River also made it ideal for cattle raising, and trade in livestock. Other ecnomic activitoies developed, and by the 20th century, the region looked like an Indian ethnic neighbourhood.

Little India as the name suggests, that its the center for the large Indian community. Little India has retained its distinct identity without relapsing into just a mere tourist attraction, it has turned into one of the most colorful and attractive places to visit in Singapore. Singapore Little India saw the first Indian settlers with the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles as assistants and soldiers in the year 1819. Later in the 19th century, many more Indian immigrants arrived.

Today, for the Singaporean Indian population Little India has become the central point. As one enters the spice-scented streets you are invited to a wealth of ethnic jewellery, jasmine garlands and silk saris. Singapore Little India is full of interesting things to discover right from the large Tekka Centre and Little India Arcade to the small provision shops. During Deepavali which is the Indian Festival of Lights, the area is transformed into a fairyland beautifully decorated, brightly lit streets full with shoppers. Visitors would find colorful temples co-existing side by side with churches and mosques, parrot fortune tellers stationed by the five-foot way. As one enters Little India, you would be greeted by greeted by the strong, heady scent of spices and jasmine garlands, followed by the treasure trove of silverware, brassware, wood carvings and colorful silk saris.

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