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The Singapore Zoo's settings have been rated most beautiful in the world. It is sited on a promontory beset by still waters of the Seletar Reservoir, with the dense secondary forest beyond creating a breathtaking backdrop.

The jaded, lush garden of the Singapore Zoo, together with the lovely landscaping, spectacular views of the Seletar Reservior make the Singapore Zoo the most tempting place that worth a visit. It was opened since 1973 in the 28-hectare area in which more than 250 species of animals live.

The 3-hectare Children's World is divided into Play Land and Animal Land. 10-minute miniature trains ride links both "Lands" together. Play Land provides the opportunity for children to utilize the conventional play equipment, while at Animal Land, domesticated animals such as cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, horses, ducks and geese are other features of the zoo.

The 1-hectare kingdom houses of Primate Kingdom consist of approximately 100 primates of 11 species. These include the lion-tailed macaques, patas or Hussar monkeys, celebes apes, colobus monkeys and capuchins.

Special Enclosure for Loan Animals marks the beginning of a new marketing trend in displaying rare animals on loan for a short term. The animals displayed cannot otherwise be on permanent display at the Zoo. The enclosure comprises of an air-conditioned area and a larger outdoor area. The glass-fronted enclosure can be landscaped to suit the different animals on display.

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